Thursday, April 28, 2011


As the gods began one world, and man another,
So the snakecharmer begins a snaky sphere
With moon-eye, mouth-pipe. He pipes. Pipes green. Pipes water.

Pipes water green until green waters waver
With reedy lengths and necks and undulatings.
And as his notes twine green, the green river

Shapes its images around his songs.
He pipes a place to stand on, but no rocks,
No floor: a wave of flickering grass tongues

Supports his foot. He pipes a world of snakes,
Of sways and coilings, from the snake-rooted bottom
Of his mind. And now nothing but snakes

Is visible. The snake-scales have become
Leaf, become eyelid; snake-bodies, bough, breast
Of tree and human. And he within this snakedom

Rules the writhings which make manifest
His snakehood and his might with pliant tunes
From his thin pipe. Out of this green nest

As out of Eden's navel twist the lines
Of snaky generations: let there be snakes!
And snakes there were, are, will be--till yawns

Consume this piper and he tires of music
And pipes the world back to the simple fabric
Of snake-warp, snake-weft. Pipes the cloth of snakes

To a melting of green waters, till no snake
Shows its head, and those green waters back to
Water, to green, to nothing like a snake.
Puts up his pipe, and lids his moony eye.

~ Sylvia Plath

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

crack dream

so i was at an atm and this guy comes up behind me and pulls me to the ground. im screaming and telling him he can take my money just let me go and he says its not your money i want so then i start screaming because hes gonna rape me and luckily a cop pulls up and the guy runs. i go home crying and mom says she has a surprise for me to cheer me up. she takes me to go meet nsync, and i mustve met them before because they all recognize me. in this dream nsync consists of justin lance jc and a girl who looks like a cross between britney spears and topanga from boy meets world. i go say hi to the girl first and she gives me a hug and she must be psychic or something because she knows what happened at the atm and gives me a super long hug and tells me everything is okay. so then im at some fancy hotel where someone is hosting a prom for all the exchange students who were on the trip i chaperoned. i put on a random yellow dress and people start calling me belle. then i realize i have no money for a ticket so i go back to the atm and the same guy is there and he starts chasing me and luckily another cop is there. so i run back to the hotel all upset and i run into rupert grint in the hallway. i guess the harry potter cast is all vacationing together and staying at this hotel lol. so i run into him and im so upset i just fling myself at him and cry and he holds me and comforts me and whatnot. so then we start kissing, and eventually he says we should go somewhere but i tell him we cant go back to my room because my roommate is there so we go back to his because he doesnt think anyone is in his room but daniel radcliffe is there watching tv and rupert tries to hint at him to leave but he doesnt get the hint so rupert and i just sit on the bed together.

Friday, April 1, 2011

little pleasures

dark chocolate
listening to the rain as you fall asleep
a good book
a cup of tea
jeni's ylang ylang honeycomb ice cream
bellydancing whenever and wherever
a glass of wine
making a candle
finishing a scrapbook page
laying in bed on a lazy morning snuggled up in a fluffy white comforter
new jewelry
harry potter
painting your nails
new shoes
laughing with good friends
a purring cat asleep in your lap
long hot showers
rays of sunshine on your face
standing on the beach late at night with the wind whipping through your hair, watching a thunderstorm far out at sea