Monday, June 25, 2012

its been awhile...

lets see, since i last blogged, i...

(finally) started dating ben (on new years day actually) and am blissfully happy/98% sure he is the man i will spend my life with.

weaned off my antidepressant.

got promoted at work and am now Team Manager, which is one step below Assistant Manager.

found a roommate and we are looking at moving into an apartment sometime this fall.

ive started going back to church.  ben and i are going to xenos every monday and thursday night, or at least as often as our schedules allow :)  i dont think ill ever rejoin the catholic church, but im exploring nondenominational christianity.  ben is very strong in his faith and i want to learn more about something so important to him, and i find myself actually enjoying it.

so its not a lot but theyre pretty major things and overall im pretty happy :)