Sunday, September 26, 2010

ego boost :)

the gym i joined has bellydance classes twice a week - thursdays at the polaris location and sundays at graceland. after class today i went up to ask the instructor about a hafla she had mentioned (december 4th, im excited^_^ ) and one of the other women there was asking her for help, since this was her first bellydance class. she couldnt get the hang of undulations and horizontal hip figure eights. then she saw me walk up and told me that she had been watching me during class - the instructor had been wearing a skirt so she couldnt see what she was doing with her elgs, so she watched me instead. then she was asking both the instructor and myself to show her how to do the moves. it made me feel REALLY good, since i am still very much a beginner. the fact that she thought i was good enough for her to ask me for help made me feel really good about myself ^_^


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

its the autumnal equinox!

"In this overly sun focused culture, how do you honor the dark exactly? Record your dreams and do personal meditations. Face your negative emotions to find their core cause. Don’t sugar coat things. Not everything in life is lovely. That doesn’t mean we should ignore a situation if it’s hard. Honor the waning of things. Elderly are often “dealt with” rather than honored, listened to, and cared for. Listen to someone going through other endings such as an ending of a relationship or a personal loss. Don’t force people to quell expressing their pain. Often when intensive emotions come up for someone in ritual, they need a safe space to be able to work through those emotions, which are normally suppressed. Rather than forcing tissues or hugs on that person, witness their experience with support and patience. The ability and space to open up is one of the beauties of magickal space and pagan ritual. Past the pain of opening up is the peace of fulfillment, connection, and healing. Give that gift both to yourself and the people with whom you share circle."


blessed mabon!!

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

autumn is here!!

well not officially, but for me it is!! i went with my family to lynd's fruit farm this weekend to pick apples. weve been going since i was like 2 years old and it is one of our favorite traditions. we always pick cortland apples because they make the best applesauce :) we also got fresh apple cider, then made our way into their tent where mom bought some pumpkins to make pies and bread with, and i picked up some pure maple syrup, strawberry jam for the hubbs, and something called frog jam for myself (it is amazingly delicious; its fig, raspberry, orange and ginger. hence, "frog"). then mom taught me how to make applesauce! weve all been helping her to make it for years, but this was the first time she actually walked me through the whole process. and let me tell you, applesauce is one of the easiest things int he world to make lol. mom usually makes a HUGE batch and freezes it so we have enough for the whole year. in fact i think she still has some in the freezer from last year lol. like i said this is one of our favorite traditions; for our family autumn starts when the applesauce is made, and shortly after that, the chili ^_^ which i am SUPER excited for!!

apple picking!


david and nathan - and davids pretty girlfriend :) - peeling and coring the apples

mom and i slicing and cooking the apples

i wish you could smell this!

look at all that delicious applesauce!! mmmmm ^_^

Saturday, September 11, 2010

never forget

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