Friday, October 14, 2011

all i want

is to be in your arms right now, feeling your breath on my neck as you say, "i want to be with you."

Sunday, October 2, 2011

did you know?

Did you know that grace flows through
your veins riding on the back of droplets
of blood and that when a cut
accidentally finds its way to your
skin it jumps off and clings
to any and everything inside you.
It fights like you fight and stays
inside you at all times.
Did you know I want to be the fabric
I want to be the dress
I want to be whatever you wear
to cover up your naked flesh?
I want to be the sound of your
heart beating and the smell
of rain as it drips down the small
of your back.
Did you know that you are the most
beautiful thing I have ever touched?
Ever traced and studied and calmed
and held in my hands?
Did you know that I dream of you
and even before I’ve had dreams
inside those dreams and even still
even then you’re the star and the
light that guides me through the
darkness that surrounds my sleeping body.
Did you know that if I died and came
back one hundred different times, one of those
times I would beg my karma to come back
as the sound your lips make as they
transition effortlessly between
I and Love when you whisper I love you.
One life I’d want to come back as nothing
but the breath that stirs inside you
and one life, if given the chance to
choose I’d be the sea and pray
that that time around you found
yourself a ship made of stronger stuff
than I am made of so you could float atop
me. Or perhaps that simple and perfect time
around, a mermaid so you called me home.
Did you know I’m not willing to get used
to the sensation of missing you? I refuse
to become numb on the occasion of your absence
and I will never grow familiar with the
taste of my own lips when not flavored
with the sweetness of yours.
Did you know that until the day came
when I met you and your eyes caught
my eyes and my life became yours
I never had a single, solitary fear.
I do not mean I was immune to nerves or the
scattered breath that accompanied
some small anxiety, but fear. I am now
without pride or ego, terrified of living
without you. Death, come when you will
say what you wish and hold my hand when it is
time, but life, please don’t make me know
the bitter and beautiful agony of understanding
how to walk through a day without you.
Did you know that I know you?
More than you know yourself and without
doubt more than any single other body has
ever known any single other body in the history
of this world or any other. I know
before you know when your heart reaches out
and I know without you requiring the assistance
of a glance or graze when you are scared
or lonely or tired or hungry or angry or worried
or blinded by absolute excitement.
Did you know I am yours?
Did you know that I will always be yours?
Did you know that I have waited my entire life
to have you be mine?
Did you?

-Tyler Knott Gregson-