Saturday, January 30, 2010

i went shopping the other day! :)

i ♥ forever 21 :)





i mustve missed the memo that NC decided to be OH for the day. its currently 25 degrees but feels like 17. started snowing around midnight, we got maybe half an inch. then starting around 0300 it was freezing rain and sleet for hours and hours.....its FINALLY stopped. the roads arent horrible, but theyre not exactly pleasant to drive on. its funny though - you can definitely tell whos from the north and whos not. the natives DONT know how to drive AT ALL!! cracks me up lol. on the news they were calling this a "winter storm," saying we had "white-out conditions." it makes me laugh.....for NC, these are near-emergency conditions. back home, this is just another sucky winter day XD

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

omg i am freaked the fuck out right now

mitch is upstairs in bed, so im downstairs alone, 10:30 at night.....and the doorbell rings.

its dark.
its late.
we dont know ANY of our neighbors.

i FREAKED OUT. stared at the door for a good 30 seconds MAKING SURE that both the deadbolt and the chain lock were locked, then bolted upstairs and woke up mitch. about a minute later whoever it was knocked at the door, and i about started crying. we tried looking out the upstairs window to see if we could see anyone, but as luck would have it our porch light chose TODAY to go out, so we cant see shit. we have NO weapons in the house, minus kitchen knives. although mitch is currently making payments to a buddy and buying a handgun off him, so well have that soon. tomorrow i am buying an aluminum bat and sticking it under the bed. all i could think about was that damn serial rapist that (as far as i know) still hasnt been caught. my heart is still racing a mile a minute and i DEFINITELY wont be getting any sleep anytime soon :(

Monday, January 25, 2010

begonia skies like a sleepyhead

Friday, January 22, 2010

i am in a ridiculously good mood today XD

so mitch has been transferred out of bravo company, which is AMAZING on so many levels XD were going to red robin for dinner to celebrate...lots of drinks will be had ^_^ im finally almost over my cold and feeling normal again, AND its supposed to be in the 50s-60s ALL next week! on sunday its gonna be almost 70! i am SO beyond happy right now, i am in such a good mood ^_^

cant get enough of this song ^_^

i hope everyone has a FABULOUS weekend!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

this is seriously starting to scare me

Investigators say 9 rapes, sex assaults reported since June

The first of seven reported rapes and sexual assaults in Fayetteville were reported in June, according to police reports released today.

Police are investigating the connection between the assaults and two additional attacks reported in Hope Mills and on Fort Bragg.

Fayetteville police said they don't believe an additional case reported last summer in Hoke County is connected to the attacks under investigation in Fayetteville.

In nearly all the cases, a man has broken through a door or window of a woman's apartment or duplex between 10 p.m. and 7:30 a.m. Vague descriptions of a suspect from Fort Bragg investigators and Fayetteville police are similar. Fayetteville police said the intruder covered his face in the attacks in the city.

The Rape Crisis Volunteers of Cumberland County said it has received calls about additional "home invasions and sexual assaults" that haven't been reported, and the organization is working with law enforcement.

The Fayetteville assaults hadn't been disclosed by the Police Department until Monday. Today, the department released public information from the reports that show the first two assaults were reported a block apart on Glenwick Drive over two consecutive nights in June.

Police Chief Tom Bergamine said his investigators recently realized there may be a connection between the attacks.

According to the Fayetteville police reports, a man forced his way into a woman's home on Glenwick Drive about 10:30 p.m. June 24 and attempted to assault the 29-year-old woman.

The next day - June 25 - another woman living on Glenwick Drive reported that a man forced his way into her home, raped her and took $5, according to the police reports.

Then in November, two reported assaults were in Tallywood Arms Apartments off Raeford Road within 10 days of each another. In the first, on Nov. 4, a woman told police that a man broke into her home about 2 a.m. and sexually assaulted her, the reports say. On Nov. 18, a woman told police that a man forced his way into her home, raped her and stole $125, a police report said. Both women lived on Ancestry Drive.

On Dec. 12, a woman living on Preston Woods Lane reported that a man entered her home through an unlocked door about 8:10 p.m., assaulted her and robbed her of $150, according to the reports.

On Dec. 25, a woman in The Cottages on Elm, on Elm Street off Bragg Boulevard, was raped by a man who broke into her home between 9 and 10:30 p.m., the report said. The woman suffered internal injuries, according to the report.

On Jan. 4, a woman living on Tryon Drive, in Briarcliff Condominiums, said a man climbed through a window in her home, raped her and stole a gold engagement ring set valued at $500.

Several reports of break-ins and at least one sexual assault have been reported in Fort Bragg family housing areas, according to the Army's Criminal Investigation Command. However, military investigators said they cannot confirm that those cases are linked to reports in Fayetteville.

Military officials have handed out fliers on Fort Bragg that include a composite sketch of the suspect in those cases and a description of the man.

A CID spokesman refused today to release the dates of the break-ins and sexual assault on post for "investigative reasons."

The Hope Mills case on Sunday was off Elk Road, the town's police chief said. A woman living in apartments was on the phone with a friend when a man broke into home and attacked her, according to town Police Chief Robert Hassell.

The person on the phone called 911, Hassell said, and a responding police officer forced his way into the apartment as the attacker went out a back door.

Police set up a search area and used dogs to track the man but were unable to locate him, Hassell said.

That incident was reported just before 10 p.m., he said. No description of the assailant was available.

A flier with a composite sketch of a suspect in at least one assault on Fort Bragg has been circulated by the Army Criminal Investigation Command.

City police say they have no description of a suspect in their cases.

In addition, the Rape Crisis Volunteers of Cumberland County said today in a statement that the organization has received "several calls describing similar events that were not reported to police." The organization's executive director said it has been working with local law enforcement to address recent home invasions and sexual assaults. It was not immediately clear how many additional cases the organization has received calls about, nor whether police investigators believe the unreported cases are related.

The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office announced today its deputies are investigating three rapes that have been reported this month. But a spokeswoman said investigators don't believe the incidents are related. One involves a juvenile. A second rape was reported Nov. 30 on Cumberland Gap Road near Hope Mills, the spokeswoman said.

The most recent was reported Jan. 2 and occurred at a home on Gillespie Street, the release said.

County investigators say the patterns in their cases don't match those in the other rapes.

Fayetteville police Sgt. Pam Brewington said investigators are planning to meet to compare notes and cases.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

maybe this is why twilight is so damn popular >.<

A lot of the people who read a bestselling novel, for example, do not read much other fiction. By contrast, the audience for an obscure novel is largely composed of people who read a lot. That means the least popular books are judged by people who have the highest standards, while the most popular are judged by people who literally do not know any better....

~ The Economist

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Military Spouse of the Year

okay yall, we need your help!! go to this link and register. click on "army" and vote for nicki b. she deserves this more than anyone i know! ill just post her profile, since whoever wrote it is much more eloquent than i am :) please please please, vote for nicki. you can vote once every 8 hours :)

Why should the nominee be the 2010 Military Spouse of the Year?

Nicki B. is a Gold Star Wife whose husband, CPT Brian B., was KIA in Afghanistan on 2/24/2009. She deserves this honor because of her work to support other Gold Star families and military families in general. She is an inspiration to many of us who are blessed to call her our friend.

How does the nominee support the military spouse community?
Nicki supports the military spouse community in many ways. Her main focus has been the annual charity/memorial run that she created in memory of her husband, CPT Brian "Bubba" B. The first annual Bubba's Belly Run was held yesterday and was a great success. The run benefits Flat Daddies, American Widow Project, and Fisher House. As military spouses, we all understand the importance of these three organizations as at any time we could need to call on their services. Nicki is also a great supporter of many of her friends who are military spouses. In fact, after Bubba's death she was concerned for my mental well-being as my husband was still deployed close to where Bubba was killed. She took the time to support me when she was the one who I believed needed support. She is an amazing woman who has dedicated herself tirelessly (while pregnant!) to helping others whose loved ones have made the ultimate sacrifice.

Describe a challenge the nominee has had to overcome.
The biggest challenge that I believe any military spouse could face is the loss of our spouse. Nicki not only lost her husband and the father of her son Connor in February of this year, but she also found out that she was expecting their second child a week after Brian's death. She did not let the grief and anxiety knock her down, but instead grew stronger, reaching out to the community to organize a benefit for other Gold Star families and at the same time creating a tribute to all of our fallen heroes from the War on Terror. The event was a huge success.

What makes the nominee stand out from her/his peers?
Nicki is just a light in this world. She has taken her personal tragedy and turned it into a wonderful testament of love and support for the military community. She is there for absolutely anyone who needs her, and has stayed connected to many military spouses and supported them throughout her experience as a new Gold Star wife. In just 7 months she organized a wonderful benefit run while being pregnant and chasing around a toddler! She has brought so much awareness to the military community, especially the Gold Star family community, by sharing her story with the world. She could have withered away and withdrawn from society in her grief, but instead she stood strong and turned her loss into something amazing. She is the epitome of what every military spouse should be. Strong, giving, and determined. She is truly an inspiration to our entire military family across the world.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

(RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)² + (OOH)(LA)²

cant get enough of lady gaga lately...somebody stop addicted!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

somebody get me a snuggie!!

i am SO COLD right now. the heat is on, im wrapped up in a fluffy blanket, and still my toes are numb :( I HATE WINTER!!!

i want to be here


instead i am here

...okay, so maybe its not that bad here. truthfully, it never even snowed here lol. but its still currently 35 degrees and i am COLD. do not like :(

Friday, January 1, 2010