Wednesday, January 27, 2010

omg i am freaked the fuck out right now

mitch is upstairs in bed, so im downstairs alone, 10:30 at night.....and the doorbell rings.

its dark.
its late.
we dont know ANY of our neighbors.

i FREAKED OUT. stared at the door for a good 30 seconds MAKING SURE that both the deadbolt and the chain lock were locked, then bolted upstairs and woke up mitch. about a minute later whoever it was knocked at the door, and i about started crying. we tried looking out the upstairs window to see if we could see anyone, but as luck would have it our porch light chose TODAY to go out, so we cant see shit. we have NO weapons in the house, minus kitchen knives. although mitch is currently making payments to a buddy and buying a handgun off him, so well have that soon. tomorrow i am buying an aluminum bat and sticking it under the bed. all i could think about was that damn serial rapist that (as far as i know) still hasnt been caught. my heart is still racing a mile a minute and i DEFINITELY wont be getting any sleep anytime soon :(