Sunday, September 26, 2010

ego boost :)

the gym i joined has bellydance classes twice a week - thursdays at the polaris location and sundays at graceland. after class today i went up to ask the instructor about a hafla she had mentioned (december 4th, im excited^_^ ) and one of the other women there was asking her for help, since this was her first bellydance class. she couldnt get the hang of undulations and horizontal hip figure eights. then she saw me walk up and told me that she had been watching me during class - the instructor had been wearing a skirt so she couldnt see what she was doing with her elgs, so she watched me instead. then she was asking both the instructor and myself to show her how to do the moves. it made me feel REALLY good, since i am still very much a beginner. the fact that she thought i was good enough for her to ask me for help made me feel really good about myself ^_^



sarabug said...

That's awesome! I so wish Columbus wasn't an hour away, I would love to take belly dancing class!

brenda said...

heres a list of bellydance classes all around ohio, maybe some of them are close to you!

Meghan said...

You are that good Brenda and you look hot doing it too.