Thursday, April 30, 2009

ugh, what a crazy few days!

wow, lemme tell you, we have had an insane few days! heres the rundown:
monday was mitchs preop appointment for his surgery. well he came home after the appointment and told me that the surgery may be called off. apparently they found some sort of respiratory irregularity while making sure he could go under anesthesia, and they didnt know what it was. they were throwing around words like "lung cancer" and "emphysema." so needless to say, we were both REALLY freaked out. they told him to go back in at 0800 the following morning, tuesday, to run some more tests and try to figure out what was wrong. so its tuesday morning, 1000, and i havent heard a word from mitch about how things were going. im freaking out. finally he comes home around 1015 and tells me its NOT cancer or emphysema but theyre still not sure what it is. but at this point the surgery has been cancelled. 5 minutes after he got home, womack (the army hospital at ft bragg) calls him to come back in to run some more tests. so he leaves, and its another 2 hours before i hear from him. turns out, the machine that gave the problem readout was broken. it had given a false reading and mitch was COMPLETELY fine. so we are both SO relieved, and happy that the surgery is back on. so yesterday, day of the surgery, we get to womack at 1000. he goes back with the doc and i assume my place in the waiting room. a few hours go by with no work, so i call the desk to find out the status. they tell me he hasnt even been taken back yet. so i go get some lunch and wait some more. around 1500 i call again and am told that he is still in surgery. they couldnt tell me when he had gone into surgery so i didnt know how long it had been. but the doctor told me it would only take 20-30 min, so i sit some more and expect to hear something soon. well, as of 1615 i still hadnt heard anything, and i knew the surgery was over by now. im getting ready to call again when the surgeon comes out to see me. cue sigh of relief. s he takes me back to see mitch, who is still loopy from the anesthesia (he asked me for an elephant sandwich). we wait around for another hour for the paperwork to be completed and his prescriptions to be filled. we finally leave the hospital at 1800 and head out. yup, we left the hospital and drove straight thru to ohio...or i guess i should say i drove and he slept lol. thats a 9-hour drive by the way. we didnt get in until 0400 today. we are exhausted, hes in a slight amount of pain, but we are finally home. now begins the 2-week marathon of driving all over the place seeing everyone we can lol. after this, i am not driving for a looooong time!! XD