Sunday, May 31, 2009


i wish fayetteville had a decent scrapbook store. the shitty selections at joanns and michaels dont count.
im going to myrtle beach next weekend with emily *excitement* XD road trip + girl time + ocean = ♥
so now i have one week to whip myself into shape. i shall be eating a LOT of salad lol.
i want another kitty. im rapidly turning into a crazy old cat lady, and im only 22!
gonna need to buy another bookshelf soon. were almost out of room on the one we have, and i buy a LOT of books. the question is, where the hell would i put it?? theres no more room in the living room. im thinking upstairs, but i dont want my books separated...god im a nerd! :p
i really REALLY want a glass of lemonade with citrus vodka...mmmmm...
i have the "super trooper" song from mamma mia! stuck in my head...its starting to annoy me.
this caesar salad from jasons deli is pretty kickass...if you get a chance you should go there, i think theres one in dublin. it is delish.
i ♥ kats candles. go buy some, i promise you wont regret it: monkey farts is especially awesome. no really, it is.
WHERE THE HELL ARE THESE CENTIPEDES COMING FROM?!? ive seen 3 in my house, just today!! grrrrr