Tuesday, November 3, 2009

just a puppet on a lonely string

its been about 2 months since weve been home for a visit. i can tell because im getting homesick again. it seems to come in 2-month cycles. i *really* miss my friends. i want to go to ugly tuna with ashley and tanya and laura. i want to hang out at jackies with all my besties. i want to go to bdubs with ben and jordan and sam (male). i want to go bar-hopping and eat macaroni and cheese with sam (female). sadly it doesnt look like well be able to go home for thanksgiving as mitch will most likely not get a pass. so not only does this mean we wont get to see friends and family soon...it also means ill have to cook a turkey o.O that thought is mildly terrifying lol. i will, however, have to make a trip up sometime before christmas to pick up all my ornaments that are sitting in a box in nenes basement. so ill have to figure out a good weekend to make the trip. uuugh i hate making that trip alone, its so damn long (mitch cant come with me; he cant be more than 150 miles from post without a pass). i cant wait til mitch is done with all this army stuff and we can move back home. i miss being able to call up jackie or tine or sam or someone, and just meeting up some place and hanging out. i love the friends i have here, but they cant compare to the people i grew up with. i miss you guys :(