Saturday, June 26, 2010

jack i want you to draw me like one of your french girls...

yea so im watching titanic, wanna make somethin of it?! dont judge me XD lol

so its been a long time since i updated. ive pretty much had no life and nothing to write about except work, and i didnt want to bore you lol. i havent had a break since i got back from chicago - today is my last say in a string of eleven days straight of working, with no day off. tomorrow is my day off, and even then i have to catch up on all the cleaning i havent had time or energy to do, plus make it to mitchs little cousins birthday party. oy. and i miss my friends (theyve been on the rotary western trip for like two weeks now and wont be back for a few more days) but even if they were here its not like id have the time or energy to hang out. stupid job, stupid being a grownup :p

tribal rev was INCREDIBLE. i had so much fun, and i learned so much. i also was able to keep up better than i thought i would :) dont get me wrong, i still got my ass kicked royally, but thats to be expected when learning from ariellah and unmata lol.

me with amy sigil of unmata (the picture quality sucks, my camera was on the wrong setting lol)


and with ariellah. seriously, this woman is my idol ♥

there are so many other bellydance events i want to go to...3rd coast tribal in texas, tribal fest and gothla in california...i know i keep saying it, but i *really* wish we had more money. i need to fuel my shimmy addiction XD

my friend vicki is getting married next saturday. i am so excited for her, and im honored to be one of her bridesmaids. but - and i know i have no real place saying this since its a million times worse for her - but i am so effing stressed out over it. my dress doesnt fit, its too tight in the hips (even with spanx). i had planned on losing weight (which i need to do anyway) but with the chaos of moving and getting settled in, it just never happened. and when i went to get it altered (it was too loose around my chest) they said they could only take it out in the hips about a quarter inch. so im pretty much screwed. i tried starving myself (yea, THAT lasted lol) now im trying a raw food diet, which ive heard good things about. last-ditch effort will be the acai berry cleanse; my friend lost 7 lbs in three days on it. so i might have to go buy that and pray that it works. on top of that, i still havent gotten shows or jewelry or anything because i dont know what she wants me to get. i havent heard anything specific, other than "silver." so i still have to go find shoes. then the rehearsal is on friday at 1730. i have a doctors appointment that day at 1445; it was the only time i could get in. the doctors office is like half an hour away from the church and the wait time at the office is ungodly long. so im not even sure ill make it in time. so yea, even though im crazy excited for vicki, ill breathe a lot easier when this wedding is over.

i think thats about it for now; i started writing this when i put titanic on and now its at the part where cal grabs the little girl and jumps into a lifeboat. just to give you an idea of how long this damn entry has taken me. i dont have a whole lot to say, and i have a very short attention span lol. ttfn.


Meghan said...

Horray for updates!