Friday, July 9, 2010

meet our newest addition ^_^

this is my baby, katie ^_^


yep, we are officially a two-car family! i am thrilled to pieces, now i dont have to wait on DH to get home to go somewhere and vice versa! its a 91 corolla, it was my grandpas. he cant drive anymore so we bought it :) its in REALLY good condition, and even though its 9 years older than our altima it has almost 40,000 fewer miles on it XD this is my car, the altima will stay mitchs car since it was his before we got married. im ecstatic!


Tine said...

Awww, cute name!

Take me joyriding when I get home? :)

brenda said...

haha heck yes!!

Meghan said...

yay vehicles!