Sunday, December 5, 2010

i have to vent

first of all, i wanted to apologize for neglecting this blog in favor of tumblr lol. and as soon as tumblr stops being a douche i will post a link to mine :)

okay now for the venting. CAN SHITTY THINGS PLEASE STOP HAPPENING TO MY FRIENDS?!?!? i mean SERIOUSLY, enough is enough!! i am still an active member on and i have many dear friends on there who mean the world to me. but lately it seems like everything that can go wrong for us, is going wrong!! in the last 2 weeks, AT LEAST 5 of us have had serious relationship problems! including one of the most amazing girls i have ever had the pleasure of knowing, finding out her husband is a cheating douchebag! it was seriously like one person posted about relationship problems, and then like every single day for a week someone else was posting about bad shit! i liked it a lot better when the trend was posting about having had a baby. seriously, like 10 girls all had their babies within a 3-month timespan :lol:
and now come to find out one of the girls has just lost her sixth - yes, sixth - baby. my heart is absolutely breaking for her and her husband. there are so many women on that board who would make amazing, wonderful, beautiful mothers and yet they struggle with infertility. its hearbreaking, and it is so unbelieveably unfair.
idk what the ladies of have done to piss off the universe, but HEY UNIVERSE, BACK THE FUCK OFF!!


s said...

everyone is freaking out about tumblr haahha me too actually