Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The Bigger The Lie, The Higher They Fly
Airline | Chicago, IL, USA
(The captain of our aircraft had stepped off to get some paperwork as customers were boarding. One passenger looked up front and turned to our flight attendant.)

Passenger: “Why is there only one pilot up there?”
Flight attendant: “She is the first officer. The Captain will be back in a bit.”
Passenger: “Can they fly the plane with only one pilot?”
Flight attendant: “The other pilot will be back in a moment. He is taking care of some paperwork.”
Passenger: “Why are there two seats if there is only one pilot?”
Flight attendant: *gives up* “Well, sir… actually, she is just setting up the airplane and telling it where to go. In a few moments, she’ll push the start button and leave. The plane will fly us all the way there with no pilot at all.”
Passenger: “Oh! That’s neat!” *sits down, apparently satisfied*