Saturday, March 28, 2009

i pretty much stole the idea for this post from shaka ^_^

what can i say? shes pretty awesome :)
so i have my army wife blog to keep family and friends updated on our crazy life, but i figured i needed a place for myself where i can just post my random musings. et voilĂ !
so for my first post i thought id post my "spring playlist." because i love spring. i love everything about it. i love the rainshowers and the smell after the rain, i love all the green, i love the flowers that start to peek out...i just love spring. so these are songs that, to me, mean spring is here (and as i am listening to this playlist, the windows are open and i can hear the rain falling and smell the lavender candle im burning...perfect♥ ).

annie - heartbeat
asobi seksu - goodbye
bloc party - so here we are
broken social scene - 7/4 (shoreline)
death cab for cutie - soul meets body
feist - 1234
frou frou - let go
imogen heap - goodnight & go
the lashes - sometimes the sun
leona naess - calling
m-flo ♥ katou miliyah - one day
neko case - a widows toast
the postal service - such great heights
royksopp - 49%
the shins - phantom limb
utada hikaru - passion

flowers are one of the absolute best things about spring. favorites: