Tuesday, July 21, 2009


idk wtf is wrong with me lately. i shouldnt be pmsing yet, but im tired all the time and im super emotional. and ive fallen back into snacking all freaking day. and no, before you even think that cursed word, i am NOT pregnant. im just apparently a bitch. im tired of being here - dont get me wrong, ive made some great friends, but they just cant compare with the people ive known all my life. i miss my friends back home like crazy. luckily, mitch is letting me take the car this weekend and come home, so YAY im gonna be at jackies super spectacular party ^_^ this i am excited for.
ugh i just need to do something to get out of this funk. i REALLY wanna start seriously doing bellydancing, but lessons are expensive. plus we only have one car so im usually stuck in the house all day. a girl can only watch so much tv, read so many books, Stumble online so many times before boredom and lethargy overtakes her. i wish we had money for a second car...would solve a lot of problems. *sigh*