Sunday, July 19, 2009


i am in an inexplicable mopey mood right now. today wasnt especially awful, although it wasnt great either - i did laundry and dishes. but i also watched PotC3:at worlds end, so that was good. its raining right now but that in itself isnt the cause of my funk...i actually stood out in it for a bit after i remembered to rush outside and close the car windows lol. i like the rain, its calming. especially at night. so i dont know whyfor the blahs. its upsetting not to know why im so down.

i want ice cream. specifically a berry flavored ice cream. but due to it being sunday, the commissary is already closed and i dont feel like going all the way to walmart just for some frozen sugar that would inevitably end up on my hips. maybe husband will go get ice cream for me.....nah, nevermind. hes playing his video games lol.

so i think everyone should go read the republic of pirates by colin woodard. its SO good. heres the review from publishers weekly:
Woodard tells a romantic story about Caribbean pirates of the "Golden Age" (1715–1725)—whom he sees not as criminals but as social revolutionaries—and the colonial governors who successfully clamped down on them, in the early 18th-century Bahamas. One group of especially powerful pirates set up a colony in the Bahamas. Known as New Providence, the community attracted not only disaffected sailors but also runaway slaves and yeomen farmers who had trouble getting a toehold in the plantation economy of the American colonies. The British saw piracy as a threat to colonial commerce and government. Woodes Rogers, the governor of the Bahamas and himself a former privateer, determined to bring the pirates to heel. Woodard describes how Rogers, aided by Virginia's acting governor, Alexander Spotswood, finally defeated the notorious Blackbeard. Woodard's portrait of Rogers is a little flat—the man is virtually flawless ("courageous, selfless, and surprisingly patriotic"), and the prose is sometimes breathless ("they would know him by just one word... pirate"). Still, this is a fast-paced narrative that will be especially attractive to lovers of pirate lore and to vacationers who are Bahamas-bound.
so yea, its really good, even for non-fiction. go buy it. like now.