Thursday, August 13, 2009


supposed to be cleaning bathrooms right now, but i dont wanna :p
might actually be in salem MA for halloween, how kickass would that be?! plus id get to see some pretty rockin people :)
erin al and finn are gonna be here for the weekend, yay!
going home next week w00t! and going to 2 military balls to boot! yay for getting to be a pretty pretty princess ^_^
theres a festival in raleigh next month for pagan pride day. it sounds like fun and im definitely gonna go, very excited about that.
i think i can hear the cats tearing apart my loofah right now so im gonna go and smite them. then i suppose i must clean. blah.
after cleaning is done you better believe im rewarding myself with a mikes hard pink lemonade, cheesecake, and monty python and the holy grail XD


Tine said...

You should hide the loofah from teh kittehs. Like in the oven. Just don't bake it! :D

brenda said...

LOL knowing me, i would forget its there and then there would be melted loofah all over the oven. and it would be a pain in the ass bc my oven is NOT self-cleaning <_< nah i bought a shower caddy and now the loofah is hanging up out of reach :) lol