Thursday, August 27, 2009



today is a shitty day. im - how can i put this nicely - suffering from female complaints. add to that the fact that i forgot sam is coming this weekend (thats the one good thing going on) and were going to visit her brother and sister and pretty much spend the weekend on the beach. lovely, ill fit right in, i feel like a whale. just go ahead and roll me back into the ocean, ive done gone beached myself <_< i feel fat and bloated and pissy and totally not in the mood for company. so hopefully some beach therapy will do me some good. alcohol might help too :p lol


Tine said...

Alcohol never hurts things!! Well, actually I guess sometimes it does, but not in this case.

That picture cracked me up. I completely understand that penguin!

Oh, and if things get REALLY desperate, google image search "world's fattest woman". I guarantee you will laugh and feel 100% better about yourself because no matter how much weight you gain (which actually, I thought you looked skinnier the last time I saw you) there will always be someone bigger than you. I also advise drinking while doing this seach.

<3 tine

brenda said...

bestie, i think i love you ♥ lol you really think i looked skinnier? yay! lol :)