Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i hate army healthcare <_<

so yesterday i called the clinic and made an appointment for this morning with my PCM to get a referral for an ob/gyn. ive not been seen at the clinic before so they just made the appointment in my husbands name. well mitch just got a call asking about the appointment.....apparently i need to be enrolled in the clinic before i can be seen. WHY this didnt occur to them to mention this when they scheduled the appointment is beyond me! they even asked what the referral was for and i told them, a pap. wouldnt it occur to YOU if you were them, that hmmm, MAYBE, just MAYBE, a MAN doesnt need a pap smear?!? ok so we go to the clinic to enroll me, well we get there and they tell us we need my tricare forms (why couldnt they have just said that over the phone?) so they tell us which office to go to at the hospital and we go and do our thing, go back to the clinic only to be told we went to the WRONG office. WE WENT WHERE THEY TOLD US TO GO!!! so we go BACK to the hospital, go to the right office, wait for over an hour, get me enrolled in tricare, and are told the rules have changed and since we live off-post i have to be seen off post. FINE WITH ME! hopefully i wont have to deal with this bullshit anymore! so i pick my PCM from a list and get all squared away. we get home, after being gone for 4 hours doing all this shit. i called my PCM to get an appointment for a referral...they cant see me until the beginning of november. they said that tricare KNOWS theyre booked up until then. however, the woman at the tricare office said NOTHING about that, in fact she told me to tell them i needed to be seen as soon as possible, and i had told her i needed to be seen within the week. so then mitch calls the on-post clinic and asked if i could just go in and have a new scrip written up for me, and they said no but i can go to any off-post doctor that accepts tricare. well the lady at the tricare office told me i have to go to the clinic im assigned to, which is the one that cant see me til november. mitch googled and found a place that can get me in on monday thank god. so he called the tricare office to have them switch my PCM from the old clinic to the one that can get me in on monday (if i called id either break down in tears bc im so stressed or start screaming at someone. i am way past my tolerance level for the day). so he called tricare to have them switch my PCM...and apparently since im still on tricare standard i dont even need a referral from a PCM o.O so we found an ob/gyn that can get me in on the 30th of this month, a day after my scrip runs out, which is fine with me. i just wish id known this this morning so we wouldnt have had to deal with all this shit. fucking shitty morning. to everyone who says government-run healthcare would be the best thing ever, you dont know shit.


Ramie said...

I'm so sorry you had to deal with all that crap, and that's all that was. Just one giant cluster.