Sunday, August 15, 2010

well here goes nothing

mom and i just joined urban active gym. we each paid for a full year membership instead of doing it month-to-month, and they were having a promotion so we paid like $100 less and got an extra 6 months free. so heres hoping its worth it!!  i think going with my mom will definitely help. and i love this place; they have a womens only room, they have a theater room where theres a giant screen playing movies all day and a bunch of cardio machines (which i like because its really dark in there so no one can watch you exercise XD ) and a bunch of classes like yoga and zumba and even aqua zumba which sounds like fun. plus the guy said they even occasionally have bellydance classes, which i will be dragging my mom to lol.  so im excited. my wallet however is not so happy >.<