Saturday, February 20, 2010

felling any foe with my gaze

im in a random creative mood where i want to draw. problem is, i have no drawing paper. and even if i did.....i suck at drawing >.<

mitch has recently introduced me to the majesty that is firefly and serenity. several people have told me they tried to get me to watch it before, but i dont remember lol. anyway yea.....FANFUCKINGTASTIC!!! i want inaras entire wardrobe. and i ♥ kaylee. and i have "hero of canton" stuck in my head.

almost done reading pompeii by robert harris. historical fiction is my favorite genre, but this isnt one of the better HF books ive read. i mean it was good, decent storyline and everything, but its not one that ill be spending my money on.

ive been thinking a lot lately about how i want to decorate our house...when we finally have a house lol. the living room will be white and black, and i want damask-print wallpaper. our room will be an asian zen theme, with cream and sage and tan (i REALLY like this bedding: the library will be deep reds gold and purples, with a moroccan/middle eastern vibe. i havent decided what i want the kitchen to look like yet, maybe a rustic country feel? im obviously not one of those people who has one theme for the entire house...that would just get boring XD

okay, enough rambling. sorry to bore you :)

oh ps i just wanted to give a shoutout to my lovely wonderful and amazing fellow military SOs!! i love all yall!! :kisses:


CorinneR. said...

*kishes and hugsh and shnugs!* <3

Tine said...

I love oogling bedding.

Also, it might be fun to do a country theme for your house, since you've got the Asian thing and the Moroccan thing already. Instead of doing a rustic kitchen, you could do a French kitchen! Think of the wine! OOH and you could get a set of those nifty bistro type chairs for the eat-in part. AND A WINE RACK! Paris+food+your kitchen=Julie and Julia in real life!

Can you tell I watch a lot of HGTV? :D

brenda said... idea. EVER!! youre awesome!!

corie love...are you drunk? :lol: