Friday, February 26, 2010


im super tired and yet here i am, staying up way too late online, even though facebook/MIL activity is pretty slow and consequentially i am bored out of my mind. blah.

ive been super lethargic all day; even though we lock the cats up at night so i can get a full nights uninterrupted sleep (theyre loud and wild as fuck at night and when we dont lock them up they wake me up like every hour) im still tired in the morning, because mitch lets them out when he wakes up (around 0600) and they come upstairs and attack my feet under the covers and get all up in my face and whatnot and when im not going to bed until 0100 this early-morning wake up is not appreciated.
wow...sorry for that massive run-on sentence lol. my junior high english teacher, bless her overly-mascara'ed lashes, is probably somewhere having a stroke. i swear that woman can detect poor grammar anywhere.

the mckeowns are coming over this weekend, which is awesome. we havent seen them since.....god, before thanksgiving i think! and i miss them. but the tired part of me is dreading having company because that means i actually have to clean and do laundry tomorrow and go into hostess mode and im honestly just not feelin it right now. i dont feel like doing anything, and having people over is work. no matter how much i love and miss them.

so since mitch is ACAPing right now - pretty much means he goes to PT in the morning and thats IT - hes home all day every day (at least while im awake). this would seem like a wonderful thing, a blessing to have my husband home with me, right? actually its starting to drive me nuts. i love him to death and all, but i also like having my quiet alone time. its not even like hes obnoxiously loud either, unless hes playing on the xbox. when hes home i dont have the luxury of laying on the couch and watching chick flicks without him bitching about it (i could go upstairs and watch them in the bedroom, but well...i just dont like to). i cant just lay on the couch and enjoy the quiet and read a book because he HAS to have some sort of background noise...which usually consists of "yes dear" and "everybody loves raymond" and other various sitcoms. and i dont know if you know this about me, but i am generally NOT a fan of sitcoms. drives me absolutely nuts. i love my husband, but sometimes i wish he would get called up for staff duty (24-hour work day, for those of you not affiliated with a servicemember lol) or something. anything so that i can have some relaxing alone time without going somewhere. listening to my ipod and doing crossword puzzles at starbucks, while fun, just isnt as nice as laying on the couch reading a good book.

i love the history channel and the discovery channel. i guess im a nerd like that...and im okay with it :) but lately, there has been NOTHING but various programs and documentaries on ancient egypt, king tut, and the like. now dont get me wrong, i do enjoy ancient egyptian history, but im starting to get bored of it. lets have something on the ancient celts, or medieval europe, or feudal japan.....SOMETHING different! please!

/blog rant