Sunday, February 28, 2010

dont be shy girl go bananza, shake ya body like a bellydancer!

yesterday i registered for Tribal Revolution in chicago. its a big bellydance convention/workshop/thing in june and i am SO excited! im taking all three of ariellahs classes, a class with UNMATA, and one with deb rubin. plus attending the friday night hafla and the saturday night gala show. not to mention ill have downtime to go sightseeing :) bellydance + ariellah + chicago = AMAZING!!! i cant freaking wait XD

i also bought some pants and a top for bellydance class. so excited to get these, theyre my first "official" bellydance clothes lol. up til now ive been wearing tshirts and yoga pants. which are perfectly serviceable, but not nearly as fun to wear lol.

yea if you cant tell, im slightly obsessed with my new hobby XD



Meghan said...

OMG I love both the top and pants. But especially the top. You will look so hot in them. I can't wait for pics.