Sunday, March 7, 2010

omfg can we just move home now please?!

im SO over waiting for the army to pull their shit together and get things moving so mitch and i can move home. although i know theres still snow on the ground in ohio, so i guess this is a blessing in disguise lol. today in fayetteville its 62 and sunny, and i am thoroughly enjoying it :) i plan on sitting outside and reading, maybe going for a walk. although what i REALLY want right now is for it to be summer (or at least late spring). and i want to be back in ohio, enjoying the columbus zoo (i miss it so much!) and a double scoop of black raspberry chip in a chocolate-dipped waffle cone from graeters. words cannot express how much i miss graeters ice cream, there is just nothing to compare to it. although i think my thighs are pretty happy that i dont work there anymore lol XD weirdly though, i miss that job. i mean if mike werent still the manager there, id totally beg for my job back. i miss the people :)

i mean just look at this deliciousness.....omfg omnomnom



Tine said...

We miss you up here too! And actually, the snow is melting... it's supposed to be in the low 50s here every day this week.

I pinky promise, when you come back, we WILL be nomming at Graeter's! :D

Meghan said...

Living in Ohio and going to College in Ohio I was never privy to Graeter's Ice cream. But it does look delicious. I love how vivid the purple is.

brenda said...

omg soulmate, its the best ice cream ever! most ice cream is 35% air, but graeters is only 5% so its super thick and creamy. and you can order pints online, just sayin ;) lol