Sunday, March 7, 2010

well there goes my good mood

okay so months and months ago i had purchased a yearlong membership to cost $48, was a one-time charge. a few months after purchasing said membership, somehow i was locked out of my account. okay no big deal, by that time i didnt really check it anymore. but i kept getting emails from the site saying i had a new message or a friend request or something. so i got one of those emails a couple weeks ago and this time i emailed back asking what the deal was, since i thought my account had been cancelled or whatever. they emailed me a new password and i was able to log in again.
well, i just checked out bank account and there was a $48 charge from suicide girls. i have no idea what this charge is for, and im pretty mad about them charging our account without my permission, so i emailed them about it. the only thing i could think of was that they automatically renewed my account for another year. which im still not happy about. so im looking around the site trying to figure it out.....and come to find out they charge the same price to REACTIVATE AN ACCOUNT as they do to sign up in the first place! when they emailed me back there was ZERO mention of a reactivation fee!! i am pissed as hell, especially since its on the site and i shouldve seen it. mitch thinks that since its on the site that we wont get a refund (i emailed them and told them to refund my account and cancel my membership if necessary) but i am livid; i mean yes its on the site but they shouldve notified me when they emailed me that there would be a charge!! and now because of this we can barely afford gas, and payday isnt exactly super close!


Meghan said...

BTDT, it sucks. All I can reccommend is next paycheck leave $100 in the bank account and pretend it isn't there. Even in your records just leave your account $100 shorter. That way there is always that bubble in the account for situations like this. I had it happen with a gym membership (grrr the bastards)

Tine said...

That suuuuuuuucks! My brother had a similar situation with an online poster club, except that he ended getting hit with overdraft fees from our bank as well.

Make sure you take a screenshot of the email when you fight this with them. Good luck!