Monday, April 19, 2010

going stir-crazy

all i want to do right now is move into our new apartment and unpack. i love my MIL and stepFIL to death and im so grateful they let us stay here while were waiting for our apartment, but i just want to be in my own space!! i want to be in OUR apartment, with our cats, on our schedule. im tired of imposing on them. plus now were trying to figure out who can help us move in and at what time and who can help us pick up the furniture were getting from my friends grandparents and on what day and when the cable guy is gonna come out and hook everything up and when we can go buy the new tv we want and everything and im just so tired of being in transition. i want to move in and get settled and just breathe. its starting to drive me crazy; im getting snippy and pissy and im taking it out on mitch and this just sucks. i keep telling myself, just two days left. just two more days...