Friday, April 9, 2010

this post brought to you by the word "clusterfuck"

so yesterday was a mess. mitch had txted me in the morning telling me to call the cable and utility companies and push back the dates we had scheduled for cancelling our service. no explanation, nothing. then i talked to mitchs mom and our plan of staying there and keeping the cats on the sunporch was a no-go. we decided that after the trauma of moving, and being in a new place, the cats would completely destroy to porch. and larry has been working so hard on fixing it up. so yesterday, i approached nervous breakdown status. i HATE not having any control whatsoever over what is happening, and with it being SO close to moving day and suddenly having no plan at all, well i pretty much lost it.
but now, i think we finally have a plan, one that isnt going to change or get fucked up or whatever. so we are doing a DITY move, we have no choice now since mitch went to the briefing the other day and the paperwork is already going thru and whatnot. so even though id prefer to wait until the army can move us and not spend outrageous amounts of money, we cant. so. were still leaving on the 12th or 13th depending on how long it takes mitch to clear post. mitch will be driving the truck and ill have the cats in the car. we are going to rent a storage unit for our stuff because our apartment wont be ready until the 21st. we are going to stay at his moms, although i have to double-check this with her. we can make other arrangements if need be. we are going to board the cats; the original plan was to have them at nenes with us and keep them on the sunporch, but larry is in the process of fixing it up and it wont be done before his surgery, and also with the cats having gone thru the trauma of moving, and being in a new place, were just afraid that they would destroy all the work that larry has put into the porch. so we found a place that looks really nice, and its only like $15/day per cat to board. so, i think this is the plan. i dont like it, id rather wait for the army to move us, but we just dont have that option anymore. cross your fingers and send good vibes that this doesnt change...i dont know how much more uncertainty i can handle.