Thursday, April 1, 2010


this day has got to be one of the worst days ive ever had. and thats not an exaggeration. i fucking hate this city and i cant fucking wait to move back home, and ill never ever have to come back here again.

so on our way back from OH to NC today, we got pulled over not once, but TWICE. we each got a speeding ticket, for a grand total of $300. the second one was complete bullshit though, because the cop was in an unmarked car and mitch was driving right next to him, going the SAME SPEED. i am so beyond pissed. it just figures that for a year and a half of making the drive, without ANY speeding tickets, we get TWO on the second-to-last time we will ever make this drive. i mean seriously?! i dont know which god we pissed off, but man theyre angry!

not to mention mitch got a call about half an hour after we got home and come to find out, this is a 4-day weekend, so we really didnt even have to come back until MONDAY!!! >:(

then mitch and i were hungry so i went out to hardees to pick up some dinner. the drive thru attendant instead of calling me maam or some other polite term, called me "boo." ...seriously?

so then im almost home, im getting ready to pull into my parking spots (i park on the line in our two spots because we have a problem with people parking in our second spot without asking and it pisses me off lol). this guy a couple spots down is backing out at the same time im pulling in, and for a minute it looks like hes gonna stop so i can pull in. so i proceed to try and pull in when this assface DRIVES IN FRONT OF ME! i made a little diagram so yall can better understand how incredibly idiotic this guy was. i almost hit the motherfucker. as he was driving in front of me he just looked at me like "what?" i mean who the fuck does that?!



Tine said...

Oh Bestielicious, hang in there! It will get better! Maybe the drive-thru person thought you looked like their boo? And I can see why Assface would have driven that way... it's hard to drive when your face is an ass. ;-)

brenda said...

well except for the fact that the drive thru person was female >.<

Meghan said...

OMG soulmate, I am so sorry your day sucked so much. I wish I could take it all away.