Thursday, May 20, 2010

i just cant be with you like this anymore..........alejandro

despite waking up with the migraine that i went to bed with, im in a pretty good mood. i went to pochis with jackie, christine, dustin and brian last night. i had so much fun; it is SOOO indescribably good to be back around my old friends again. i mean i knew i missed everyone when i was in NC, but i dont think i realized just *how* much. so yay friends!

despite my aversion to twitter and high cell phone bills, i REALLY want a blackberry lol. i was at verizon yesterday transferring all my info into my replacement phone and i couldnt stop looking at the blackberry curve. its just so pretty!! but yes i feel like if i get a blackberry then i just have to get a twitter account, and i would die a little inside lol. but theyre so MIL addiction would be taken to a whole new level XD but im gonna talk to mitch about it, wait a few months and see what my paychecks are gonna be like, and then if we feel like we can afford the extra $30 a month on my phone bill then i think im gonna get one :)

i just realized yesterday that we are halfway through may. i mean i knew this already, but i realized that this means Tribal Rev is NEXT MONTH. and VERY SOON. im so freaking nervous about it. i mean dont get me wrong, i am superexcited, but i feel SO unprepared. i thought id be taking lessons right now, but we just cant afford it. so im gonna be so behind...i mean i cant even do a simple belly roll yet :( but, the tickets are nonrefundable and anyway i cant pass up the opportunity to study under not only ariellah, but also unmata. thats just too amazing of an opportunity to pass up.
which reminds me, i really need to book a hotel room. good thing i thought of this today, as today is the last day to book under the block of rooms they reserved at a discounted rate!

so i think when i go grocery shopping, im going to buy the stuff i need to make a few loaves of whole grain bread. im determined to start eating healthier and organic. and im just not convinced that the potato bread that mitch loves is really all that good for me lol. so ill buy some whole wheat flor, and some sunflower seeds and flax seeds and stuff to toss in there. maybe ill make sunday a baking day :)

since its getting warmer, my playlist has changed. whats on yours?
britney spears - 3
christina aguilera - not myself tonight
cobra starship - good girls go bad
ke$ha - tik tok
lady gaga - bad romance, alejandro, lovegame
nelly furtado - promiscuous
nil karaibrahimgil - seviyorum sevmiyorum
shakira - she wolf


Anonymous said...

You need Boys, Boys, Boys by Lady Gaga on your playlist. It is the bomb. :)