Tuesday, May 11, 2010

my husband, my hero

it occurs to me that i dont brag about DH (dear husband) on here nearly enough. which is a shame, considering what an amazing man he is. for the last day and a half i have been unpleasantly sick, and hes done a wonderful job taking care of me. he rubs my back whenever i ask, he makes me sammiches, he brings me juice, hes pretty much waited on me hand and foot. he even watched a little bit of twilight with me o.O i feel like ive been such a burden, but he just gives me a kiss and tells me im being silly ♥ hes so wonderful.

i love my husband ♥


Logan said...

My husband always cares and sparkle his love on me. I love my husband very much and we always plan out for the enjoyment in holidays. We love visit our old day places where we use to meet and we recollect the past enjoyment

Anonymous said...

I can definitely tell that he loves you as much as you love him, Brenda. :)

And you watched Twilight? GASP!

brenda said...

dont judge, i wasnt feeling well, it was raining, it just felt like the time to watch a shitty movie. you know, to go with my shitty situation, in the most literal sense XD
the only reason i didnt completely write off the movie is because the supporting cast is amazing, especially charlie. bella and edward need to just go away.