Sunday, May 23, 2010

sunday randomness

so i had a dream last night that i was back working at skybus, working a flight with like 6 other people. we were in the middle of giving the safety demo, taxiing out, and this guy gets up and starts running around drunk and belligerent. we tell him to sit down and calm down or we will have to turn the plane around. so he doesnt stop, i call up to the pilots and have them turn around and go back to the gate, where the FAA escorts him off the plane in handcuffs. then mitch picks me up and we drive home, only home was my parents house, which was actually the playboy mansion. hes sitting in the dining room and im in the kitchen, and all of a sudden his ex-fiancee jen shows up and starts discussing very intimate details of her sex life. i tell her that she better stop fucking talking about sex with my husband and she gives me this look like who the fuck do you think you are? so i punch her in the face XD and have security escort her out.

yea...weirdddddddddddd. i mean i completely understand where the first part came from; the skybus reunion was last night (SO much fun!!), we all did a drunken safety demo, and one of the guys got drunk off his ass and the manager took his keys. but the jen part...yea NO idea where that came from lol.

i made an awesome breakfast this morning - cheesy scrambled eggs, free-range pepper bacon from the farmers market, and blackberry streusel muffins. soooooooo good!!

we got our new tv today!! cj is setting up the tv stand right now - its huge and there are so many parts and its just a pain in the ass lol. the old tv has been moved to the master bedroom, where i am currently watching the jersey shore marathon XD


Tine said...

BAMF Brenda!! Also, I about peed my pants laughing at your parents living in the playboy mansion. :)