Thursday, May 27, 2010

this is going to be a bitchfest. youve been warned.

i hate people who come in 5 minutes before closing and order smoothies and shakes. they take forever to make and its a pain in the ass.

i hate people who dont clean up after themselves. dont leave napkins and empty paper ice cream bowls on the table, we are not the kind of restaurant that has bussers.

i hate kids who fold their money up into something the size of a french fry. unfold your damn money so i can keep the line moving quickly.

i hate people who give me their order and then shove their money in my face. does it look like the register is in front of me?!

im kind of ashamed to say i work at graeters. i mean its a part-time job at an ice cream parlor, and im almost 24. its like, what am i doing with my life? i mean yes, i didnt work for a year. yes, this was the first/only job i could get right away after we moved back. but times i wish DH was back in the army and i could go back to being a housewife. im comfortable in that role, and there was absolutely no shame in saying that my job was to support my soldier. in fact, the pride i felt at times was absolutely overwhelming. i miss that.

sometimes i get really insecure and i feel like im "that friend," the one thats always around but that people just kind of put up with. i have no idea why. it doesnt happen so much with the friends ive known since grade school (although it does happen every once in a while), but it happens a lot with "newer" friends. like at the skybus reunion last weekend, i was genuinely surprised at how many people told me they were thrilled that i was back in the state and that we have to hang out sometime. and they were drunk off their asses, so you know they were being honest XD i think thats why i love the board so much; theres no real interaction, its all online. so theres no awkward lull in conversation in which i feel really out of place. but yea, no idea why i feel this way, i mean i dont think i have a reason to; i mean i like to think im a pretty likable person. sigh.

i hate that im so lazy. i have so many problems with the way i look, but zero motivation to actually get up and do something about it. id rather sit on the couch reading or watching tv than get up and do a workout dvd or something. but i have a bridesmaids dress to fit into in july thats a size too small, so i better get to it.

i hate worrying about money. like that song says, "i wanna be a billionaire, so freaking bad." probably 90% of our problems would be solved if we just had more money.

ummm i think thats all for now. id apologize for whining to yall, but this is my blog and ill whine if i want to :) lol


Tine said...

*sings* It's my blog and I'll whine if I want to!

:D Love youuuuuu!

Meghan said...

I love you so much soulmate. You know there will never be a lull in our conversation when we meet. I totally understand how you feel though. I always feel like the odd one out. I also feel quite often that people talk about me behind my back. So you are not the only one to feel insecure about these things. As for the job, you will get to the place you need to be eventually. Look at Graeters as a stepping stone in your life.