Friday, May 21, 2010


i am just not feelin it today. i am so unbelievably tired. i feel like i havent sat down for more than 5 minutes at a time in like a week. ive worked every single day this week so far, and im just not used to that anymore and its wearing me out. ive been sleeping in til like 10 every day and i hate it. i have too much to do. i set my alarm for 830 this morning so i could get up and shower and go grocery shopping but i ended up sleeping in til 945. grocery shopping is finally done, now i have to run out to babies r us and get a baby shower gift. then working again tonight since i picked up a friends shift. its a short shift, but still. then tomorrow is the marathon day - wake up at 0700, go to farmers market, go to baby shower at 11, go to whole foods and buy whatever i couldnt find at farmers market, try and clean a little bit, go to skybus reunion at 630 and get blissfully shitfaced. dont get me wrong, im excited for the baby shower and the reunion, but if i could get like 3 weeks sleep between now and tomorrow id be a much happier brenda. thank god i have sundays off. i plan on relaxing...and by relaxing i mean consuming an entire bottle of wine. and possibly some of the mikes hard black cherry lemonade i found at krogers today. ill clean a little bit, and i want to spend some time baking. i wanna make english muffin bread, strawberry banana bread, and blueberry muffins. well, maybe ill hold off on the muffins til next weekend. uuugh i just looked out the window and its raining again...i hate going out when its raining. maybe ill stop at barnes&noble and treat myself :)