Wednesday, December 9, 2009


so i dont usually post army-related stuff on here, but i must whine a little bit.
we just found out that mitch has to work staff duty on christmas. which means hell be gone from 9:00 christmas morning til 9:00 the next morning. there are 3 guys who he could switch with and who have no family here, but theyre refusing. which pisses me off - if they have no family here and nobody to see on christmas, why dont they switch with someone who does? but apparently in the army youre not considered a "family" until you have kids >.< oh well, at least we still have christmas eve. and i have a wonderful friend here, phoenix, who has invited me over for christmas dinner with her family. it just wont be the same...i was looking forward to spending the first christmas in the same physical location with my husband :(