Monday, December 28, 2009

paging dr. house

so yesterday i woke up with a dull/burning pain in my ribs and mid-back. it continued all day, to the point where i couldnt get off the couch. ibuprofen helped....for about half an hour. icyhot patches didnt help; the pain felt like it was in my bones and not my muscles, anyway. so finally around 5 i took some tylenol pm and went to bed. slept for 4 hours, then woke up every 2 hours until about 8 am. had some pretty fucked up dreams every time i slept, too. dont ask me to relate them, as i dont remember them now...but if you know me and you know my dreaming habits, you have a general idea lol. anyway the back pain was gone this morning, but now i had the same pain in my chest, and it was hard to breathe, like something was squeezing me. mitch took me to the er around 6, and they told me i have post-nasal drip and a viral upper respiratory infection. which i think is complete and utter bullshit, as i have exactly one of the nine listed symptoms of VURI. but thankfully its easier to breathe now and the pain is (mostly) gone. they gave me sudafed and told me that if it gets worse to come back in. um, ya, if things get worse ill definitely go back to the er...but next time, ill be going off-post. to a civilian hospital. because frankly, army doctors (at least the ones at womack) suck balls and i dont trust them as far as i can throw them. oh well, moral of the story: im feeling better. and be wary of military medical care.


Tine said...

Oooooh nooooo! I hope you feel better soon! Doctors are wack, yo. :D

brenda said...

i hate doctors. especially army ones >.< too bad tricare wont cover hollistic medicine <_<