Monday, December 7, 2009

this past weekend

i drove home to ohio to see my family and help decorate the tree. this is a huge tradition in my family. every year, on the second saturday after thanksgiving, all of my grandparents come over and we all decorate the tree, and afterwards there is a turkey dinner ^_^ its a huge affair in more ways than one - because there are 10 people in the house and also because our tree is always massive. my parents house has 19-foot vaulted ceilings in the family room, so our trees are always at least 12 feet tall. i think this years was 13 feet lol. unfortunately my grandpa john couldnt be here this year because he was in the hospital with pneumonia (he went home today and is recovering) but i was just grateful to be there. mitch and i arent going to make it home for christmas because hes on call every weekend indefinitely, so it was a real blessing to be able to be home for this.

me and my siblings in front of the tree. O-H! ^_^