Thursday, December 24, 2009

its christmas eve! rawr!

so today is christmas eve, and mitch and i are celebrating today as he has to work tomorrow. le sigh.
today has been great so far; we went to IHOP for delicious breakfasty numnums and then came back and relaxed. well, i relaxed; he had to drive someone to UPS and the airport. then he came back and relaxed. i got to talk to all of my moms side of the family this morning; they were all at my uncles house for breakfast. by now theyre at my grandmas (dads mom) getting ready to eat dinner and then open presents. (i miss being with family and friends this year...oh well. next year for sure!!) i watched white christmas while he played his nerd games. i put the potato casserole in the oven about half an hour ago and lemme tell ya, it smells AMAZING. the ham will be going in shortly; well also be having buttery broccoli. and wine...mmmmmmmmmmm, wine ^_^ after dinner presents will be opened and then well watch a christmas carol (the one with patrick stewart; its his favorite version, ive never seen it. so im excited :). all in all, its just gonna be a relaxing, low-key christmas, just me and the hubbs :)

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