Tuesday, December 22, 2009

hurrah! randominity!

mtvs "teen mom" is like a trainwreck, and i absolutely love it.

im ready for this week to be over; i have been SO stressed out lately. christmas is gonna suck this year :( yes mitch will be home christmas eve (although hell be on call) but he will be working all day and night on christmas day. i will be alone in the house on christmas day, and it sucks. i hate that we wont be with friends and family, it absolutely blows. i might take mitch in to work so i can have the car and maybe go see a movie or something.

i still have to wrap presents, i have to finish the penguin stocking im making for mitch (shh, its a surprise ;), and tomorrow i have to bake and decorate the cutout cookies. all this will (hopefully) get done tomorrow.

i am so ready to just drive down to PGD and hang out for a few days. SX people, meet me at harpoon harrys.

im getting ready to start another vampire series, night world. im pretty excited about it; its by the same guy that wrote vampire diaries. and i loved those books. im also excited to read the newest book in the house of night series. just waiting for it to come in at the library; i reserved it and i think im like #15 on the list. so it shouldnt take too long.

i miss the old worthington library. that place is just so cozy and relaxing to hang out in. the library here sucks. its small and there is far less of a selection. there are always loud kids running around and a ridiculous wait. unlike old worthington, which has like 10 self-checkout stations, the library here does not have self-checkout, and while there are 4 computers behind the desk, i have never seen more than 2 being used at a time. its so annoying.

i really wish we could afford to live in german village when we move back home. its so pretty there. although, no matter where in columbus we live, it will be a million times better than this godforsaken city. i am so beyond sick of fayetteville. fucking fayette-nam >.<

if mitch were a kitty, this would be him: