Tuesday, May 4, 2010

just call me caroline ingalls

im turning out to be much more domestic than i EVER thought i would be!!!

most of yall already know i bake obsessively, and i love to cook. ideally i plan on never buying spaghetti sauce again, because it is SO easy and fun to make! and tastes about a million times better. if i could, id never buy bread again either, id bake my own. i want to have a big garden full of fruits and veggies and herbs - nevermind the fact that im really not sure if i have a green thumb XD i already know how to knit; and now, despite the fact that my sewing skills are limited to patching up small holes in clothing, i find myself really wanting to make a quilt! and not just any quilt - a wedding ring quilt. which is apparently ridiculously hard. (mine would be white with black rings). i have no idea why i all of a sudden want to do this, that thought just came totally out of the blue! lol

i feel so old-fashioned, and i kind of like it :)